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For nearly 100 years, Henderson Glass has been the leader glass fabricator in the region. Customers are well aware that they can depend upon our highly-skilled technicians, in our more than two dozen locations, to take care of all of their glass needs. We are particularly renowned for our installation of custom mirrors and decorative mirrors. Whenever customers are in the market for adding the appearance of more space to a room, they automatically get in touch with us. We can handle all of their custom mirrors requests for door mirrors and wall mirrors for all rooms of their home. Henderson Glass is known for providing customers with the best solutions to all of their custom mirror and decorative mirror issues. We carry a vast array of styles and borders for our mirrors that will complement the style of any room. Canton residents who are looking for the finest custom mirrors or decorative mirrors come directly to Henderson Glass.

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Canton, Michigan in Wayne County, and it has more than 76,000 residents living there. Canton residents consider Henderson Glass as their best source for all of their mirror needs, regardless if they are door mirrors, wall mirrors or decorative mirrors. Further, Henderson Glass is recognized for having the most significant selection of impressive door mirrors, wall mirrors and decorative mirrors to satisfy the discerning tastes of all of their Canton customers! Our company has been installing custom mirrors and decorative mirrors for Canton customers since 1915! Accordingly, if it is a door mirror or wall mirror Canton customers want, the only name they need to know is Henderson Glass! We are distinguished for having the most impressive and attractive decorative mirrors in the industry. Furthermore, our Canton customers know that they will get the lovely mirror centerpiece for their living room or foyer or dining room at a price they can afford!

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Henderson Glass is well-known throughout the region for delivering a vast selection of door mirrors and wall mirrors for every style and taste. In fact, our custom mirrors’ designs are guaranteed to suit even the fussiest customers and their budgets. If you have been contemplating a new look for one of your rooms, we have the custom mirrors or decorative mirrors just for you! Ever since we first opened our doors in 1915, pleasing our customers has been at the top of our list of priorities! You can anticipate that the professionals at Henderson Glass will be on hand to help you with all of your questions and concerns regarding the installation of your decorative mirrors. To learn more about our incredible custom mirrors, call us today at: (800)694-0672 and ask us for directions to the Henderson Glass store nearest you.

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